The Laurel Project is New York City’s premiere Chinese enrichment program, drawing on years of experience with a proven pedagogical method—engage, inspire and absorb!   We train children through two languages:  Mandarin and the universal language of dance.  Incorporating cultural tradition into linguistic learning, we also provide an antidote to the sit n’ screen culture so prevalent today.  Under the personal guidance of Mei-Yin Ng, an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and educator, our children move, learning to speak, sing, and dance Chinese.

The Laurel Project was founded for Chinese-American children to connect with their heritage and for American born children to expand their cultural worldview.

“Thank you for working with our children patiently and professionally. You have led them to a lever of artistry that leaves us breathless and proud.”

Randy (NinJing’s mom)


“Olivia always looks forward to Wednesday afternoons, dancing and having fun with her friends. She is so proud that she is learning Chinese. Our gratitude is to you for helping to keep her culture alive for her.”

Jenn (Olivia’s mom)