Intermediate Learners

(7 to 10 years old)

This class will be slowly transforming to an immersion approach and eventually ONLY Mandarin will be used in this class. Class will be separated into the intensive language class (45-60 min) and the movement experience class (45-60 min).

During the language class, the teacher will engage the children in simple conversations based on the theme topics. The teacher will regularly introduce Chinese character recognition for each class and every class the children will practice their writing as well.

During the movement class, the students will be learning Chinese dance, drama and creative movement in a immersion environment, where Mandarin is spoken 90% of the time. There may also be some take-home materials for the children to practice at home.

* Ages indicated on the schedule are for guidance only.   Placements are based on ability and skill level.

* There is a minimum of 4 students per class.  Laurel Project reserves the right to cancel any class listed in our class schedule if enrollment is inadequate.