From Parents


“Thank you for working with our children patiently and professionally. You have led them to a lever of artistry that leaves us breathless and proud.   Many of us have known you for years.  Other have met you more recently.  All of us are grateful for the beauty you have inspired our children to create.  We celebrate you and your dedication to our children and to your ART.”

~ Randy, whose child has been participated in the Laurel Project since the age of 2½.

“What a wonderful performance the girls had last night under your direction! Even under the “hottest” of circumstances, they got up on stage and were so proud and enthusiastic to dance. That is ALL because of you. Your encouragement,  positive attitude and smile of course, makes learning about their Chinese heritage fun. You are able to incorporate it into their everyday lives, something as parents we can only due in part. You are lovely.”

~ Sloanne, whose child has been part of the Laurel Project since the age of 3.

“Olivia always looks forward to Wednesday afternoons, dancing and having fun with her friends. She is so proud that she is learning Chinese and Mike and I are happy that she is proud of her Chinese heritage and culture. Our gratitude is to you for helping to keep her culture alive for her.”

~ Jenn, whose child has been part of the Laurel Project since the age of 3.

“Yesterday morning Maya performed in a play about Ancient Egypt and afterward parents came up to me and her by the hordes, commenting on how comfortable she is on stage and what a “natural” she is.  She really was amazing and charming and fun.  I attribute this a lot to her years with you.  I don’t know how much you feel your “mission” is to change people’s lives for the better, but here you have succeeded.  Little Maya was so clingy and scared and now she is so exuberant and actually quite talented.  Thank you again!”

~ Carol,  whose child has been part of the Laurel Project since the age of 3.

“We liked your class a lot (tried three Mandarin classes and liked yours the best by far!), I am so glad that they were able to offer your classes at my son Dylan’s school”




“Mia loved camp and has been practicing her new Chinese words and characters. She was so excited and enthused about Chinese that she wanted to enroll in the Chinese language after-school program at her school this year. We’re so happy about her interest in Chinese. Thank you so much for instilling such pride and interest in her.”
~ Joann, whose child has been part of the Laurel Project since the age of 3.

“Just to let you know after so many years of weekend Mandarin lessons I must say my girls gained the most from the immersion culture camps with you. We are so grateful to you for that awesome experience.”

~ Wendy, whose two daughters have each participated in multiple Laurel Project Chinatown Summer Camps.

“Last night Catarina said she missed Chinatown and we read a children’s book I bought at Pearl River.  So I think now is a good time to tell you just how much we appreciate your program and thank you for doing it and opening our eyes to how great Chinatown is.

~ Marcia and Robert, whose child participated in the Laurel Project Chinatown Summer Camp.

From Students

“Chinese Rocks!” ~ Thalia,  1st grader